Email Spy

Check if your email was read, who, when and where opened it.
Detect when recipient opened your email and from which location. Check if somebody is online, where he is now and what device he is using, just be sending him an email. Send emails will be normally visible in your outbox in any mail client you have.


  • Do you want email delivery and read receipt confirmation?
  • Do you want to know if your wishes, birthday card or postcard was read?
  • Check if somebody is online, where he is now and what device he is using, pc, iphone or android mobile phone?
  • Whether the recipient of your email still uses this address and actually reads emails send there?
  • Check if your friend is ignoring your letters or just do not receive them?
  • Detect if someone hack your email account, if is breaking into your mailbox and reads mails you send.
  • Does your direct marketing email or newsletter reached audience interested in the contents?
  • You lost your phone and want to know where someone is using it?
  • Spy where your girlfriend or boyfriend reads emails from you?
  • Track if and when an office takes care about your official letter?

How it works?

  • Please create email inside this application, you can choose between simple text email or rich text html letter.
  • Specify email recipient or multiple recipients, type the email subject and the text.
  • Click send button and then choose your email account from the list, from where you want this email to be send.
  • This application adds a special, invisible, tracking code to the mail body.
  • After successfully sending the message, email will be listed on the main screen. Open envelope icon will let you know that the email was opened.
  • After clicking on the open envelope icon, you will see detailed, live information on every open event, like date and time, ip address, device and operating system.
  • After clicking on any open event you will see network details, together with country, region and city where the mail was opened.
  • Geolocation engine will give you the exact coordinates on the map. If the recipient was using cellular network
  • to view the email, the position maybe less accurate, than if he would have use a wifi network connection at home.
  • It is possible to send emails to single addresses as well as to groups of recipients.
  • The email will be normally visible in your outbox, the application will be able to track and trace all openings.
  • You can send emails from your GMail account to every email address, for all email providers in the world, like gmx, aol, yahoo or icloud etc.
  • Constantly improved rich text editor makes sending formatted emails a snap.