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AI powered apps with millions of users around the world

IP Camera Viewer

Watch the live view from your network IP cameras comfortably on the big TV screen, on your phone or tablet. Play back video recordings, receive events from your cameras or from advanced AI with object recognition and intrusion detection. Designed for home and professional use. Read more

AI Camera View for Android TV phones and tablets

Voice Reader

Read aloud book, website, any text. Listen anywhere to any web page, ebook, document, text file for free. Turn your books, daily news, magazines, scientific articles into audiobooks and podcasts. Read more

Voice Reader - read aloud book, website, text, pdf, epub

AI Selfie Camera

Take a beautiful, high quality selfie with the main camera of your phone. Talking Artificial Intelligence helps to aim the back camera at your face and takes a perfect selfie automatically. Read more

Selfie Rear Camera

Dash Cam - car video recorder

Optimized car camera. It can record in the background (PiP), so you can use other apps at the same time. Perfect to record entire trips in high quality or just important events on the road. You can be sure that if anything important happens while driving, you will have it recorded. Read more

Dash Camera - car video recorder

AI Launcher Widget

This artificial intelligence powered widget learns your habits. It predicts which app shortcuts to show, depending on your current activity, location, time and other circumstances. Just place it somewhere on your home screen and try. Read more

AI Launcher Widget

Speak who is calling

Speaks who is calling when your phone rings, reads aloud incoming text messages and notifications from any application you select, email client, your favourite messenger, news, clock or calendar app. Read more

Speak who is calling

Eye Protection

E-paper effect and blue light filter, breaks reminder, exercises to protect eyes. Makes looking at your phone display feel like reading a paper book. Saves your sight and fights sleep problems. Read more

Eye Protection

Free WiFi Internet Finder

Discover free or poorly secured WiFi Internet hotspots around you. Automatically detect and connect to free, public or not properly secured Wi-Fi networks with Internet access. Read more

Free WiFi Internet

DPF Monitor Fiat and Alfa Romeo

Control your diesel engine condition by monitoring DPF diesel particulate filter clog level and regenerations history. Easily check if the filter is currently in the regeneration process. Read more

DPF Monitor for Fiat and Alfa Romeo

ECU Monitor Fiat and Alfa Romeo

Advanced diagnostic scanner for diesel cars from the Fiat group on your phone. Monitor engine and DPF condition, injection correction, sensor data and hundreds of other parameters, read and clear Fiat-specific error codes, reset oil changes, verify mileage. Read more

ECU Monitor for Fiat and Alfa Romeo

Real Internet Speed Test

Measure real internet speed. Small, fast and accurate, transfers minimal amount of data, perfect for testing internet speed with limited data plan. Read more

Real Internet Speed Test

Flash On Call

Blink LED flash when receiving call, sms, chat, email or any selected notification. Can be active only in selected locations and hours. Read more

Flash On Call, SMS, Notification