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About Us

Smart Mobile Applications

Easy to use



Dedicated support



Compatible with most mobile plans.

Completely free

Saves money on your phone bill for free.

Save your data transfer

Find applications transferring the most data.

Extra charged numbers

Avoid high per-minute or per-call charge.

Unlimited call history

Keeps unlimited call history log.

Works in every country

Support for almost all operators in the world.

Block unwanted calls

Do not waste your time and money for unwanted calls.

Intuitive Statistics

Detailed statistics of your calls, sms and data usage.

Identify unknown callers

Lookup callers in internet resources, detect spam and fraud.

And much more!

Check by yourself!


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“I love Call Tracker, I highly recommend it!”

- Ola Bigaj

“Calls Tracker Is The Best Stable, Fast App I Have Ever Experienced”

- Theodore Willis

“Good job! :)”

- Ricky Grant


See what’s included in the App

Plan usage summary

Call statistics

Data consumption

Setup your plan

Compare periods

Detect extra charged numbers


Take a closer look in more detail

  • Counts remaining free minutes and sms messages according to your phone plan.
  • Separately counts international calls, mobile, land line, toll free and premium numbers. Recognizes voip, voice mail.
  • Shows graphs with detailed statistics of incoming and outgoing calls and sms messages.
  • Keeps unlimited call history log.
  • Shows cellular and wifi data consumption per application.
  • Tracks down and reports which applications are using the most data.
  • Not running in the background to save your battery and not to slow down your device!
  • Supports plans of almost all operators in the world such as Vodafone, Airtel, Móvil, Telcel, Claro, Idea, Movistar, o2, Orange, T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T, TIM, BSNL, Virgin, Aircel, SoftBank, US Cellular, Metro pcs plans.
  • Lets you specify the first date of the monthly billing period, number of free minutes and sms included in your package.
  • Customizable list of free numbers.
  • Support for plans with free calls time rounded up to full minutes.
  • Option to include incoming calls time to your monthly allowance, specific for US cellular plans.
  • Allows you to lookup unknown phone numbers in online databases and other resources.
  • Detects extra charged phone calls, premium numbers, shared cost. It will help you to avoid high per-minute or per-call charge.
  • Allows you to easily block / unblock unwanted calls.
  • This app protects privacy, it does not sent anywhere any numbers from your contact book or other private information.
  • New advanced features soon, like STD/ISD call recognition, per carrier statistics
  • This application is designed to save your battery and will not slow down your device. Other similar applications usually do data processing in the background, when you receive a call, transfer data package etc, as a result android phones start to work much slower over time.

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